martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

They are consumed by fear

Hi, Melissa, I just filing your dissertation topic. Sorry to say, I'm sorry, it's just not good enough to pass my English class. Melissa, I also know that you have annoying thoughts. I have students, known as you. I know what kind of terrible things that go into their minds. Through the head. Idea that you are trying to dispel, but return again and again, each time more. You do not know where they come from, and you can not control. But you know they are wrong, and I also can see in your mind, and I'm very worried about you. I know you think of me. They were abstract, formless thoughts at first. Then the idea was to be a little clearer. Now they come to you with the detail and clarity that you can see, hear, smell and taste, so real that you sometimes forget that it's just your mind. Think about it, find me in my office after school. In your mind, picture, let me in, I absentmindedly behind my great mahogany desk and gestures for you to sit on the chair in front of me in the dark, glossy surface to sit. Make sure you used the rock of uniform covered thigh and pull your knees firmly. Keep your books in the chest and threw him down. "Yes?" You force yourself to look me in the eyes. They hope I can say that you tremble. They struggled to find words how the swirl in your mind makes it impossible words. I'm impatient, and you feel ashamed drive. Her cheeks hot. Tears in your eyes. Try to beat you cry, but your mouth, a dry taste, metallic, while the tears run down your face to begin with. I frowned. I know I will not be able to work again until you leave. I sighed, getting up from my chair and approach throughout the office. When I stand next to you, I put a hand on his shoulder. This small act of kindness that you know you do not deserve to take you to sob. You can not look at me. With visual impairments, hide your shoes look black patent leather and dark brown in my wingtips in part by my neck my wool trousers. Your feet look so small next to me. Finally ringing your sobbing. I propose a handkerchief from his breast pocket, and do not hesitate - it is so clean and soft embroidered with my initials. But you need to use it, now you do not have a choice. They do not know what they do with the handkerchief, and then keep it off, and we are grateful when I can. Just out of his hand and stuff it in my pocket Finally, you resolve to look at me. Your mouth opens to speak, but the power of the word you left, and you feel so stupid. You look me in the eyes, hoping for is some suspicion sure what to do. You can not read my mind, however. You do not have enough experience to understand what a man's eyes say. But something seems strange. You are aware of my big, heavy hand on his shoulder. Everything seems hyper-real. You feel a little below what you confused, ashamed you. They felt before, and you have to leave to pray for them, but it did not, and you feel more than ever. Why now? You are so ashamed. You wonder if the other girls - juniors and seniors - who know what to do. They admire and fear. You know things. You have secrets. You feel so lost and confused, you want to know what she knew. Shame deepened, how do you feel your nipples hard bumps contract. They hope that I can tell by your blouse. Then the strangest thing happened. His right hand, apparently willingly, get up slowly and touched the first button of her blouse. Why? What happened? Looking into my eyes inscrutable cancel your fingers on the first button. It's so slow. You feel as if you have even a movie. I do nothing, I say nothing. Without a sense of what I want you to do, you are bound to continue. To cancel another button, then another. It takes a few agonizing minutes to reach the final. You slowly pull open your blouse. You know I can see your bra - your first. Is it too simple? Does it look like the other girls are like bras? My expression does not change. With your left hand, slide the belt right shoulder. Then do the other side. With two trembling hands, undo the buckle between the cups of the bra. Her eyes beg you to do something, but it's so hard to say. You gently push open the throat, feeling the cool air of the room of your breasts. You never exposed to risk, although most wear. They are consumed by fear. You think your breasts look good, but if you are unsure. You do not know how heavy breasts, distinguished older girls. They are horrified that you actually want to type all my strength, that you do not open your blouse. You can imagine my disdain ask mocked me your breasts. But my face still says you do not, which is even worse. If I scream at you, slap, slap, You Sun horrible But I still stand by your side with one hand on the shoulder, you notice right away, slipped under her blouse open and relax on your bare shoulder down. Your mind is ready to slide my hand violently on your chest, you do not know why, but you feel that you will die if I do not cup your breast in my hand. You can imagine my fingers pinching the nipples, you thought so vivid that you feel a new wave of moisture between the legs. We can not say if I noticed. Can I see? Can I feel? But my hand is on your shoulder while I watch you. They prevent eyes in shame. But you can see a slight bulge in the front of my pants. You think you know what that means, but you do not know exactly because it confuses hear stories of bits whispered in the corridors of the dormitories. You can not bear to watch, so that you look directly on the pants. With some trepidation, the hand begins to reach. It affects the coarse wool, feeling the spring of my cock stiffening down. You gasp, and another wave of moisture sensation of you, even if you can not see the connection.

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