martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

My finger is rising again, and again, instant silence

"Y. .. yes," she stammered, "But .." My silence her fingers. "Just answer yes or no, my daughter. I do not want to hear your thoughts in the moment." She nods, eyes wide and staring. It was not even the faintest idea what they will do, and it can not be diverted. "You got me, right?" My voice gaining a slight advantage now a flash of anger coating. "Yes," she replied, and her voice strong, but cast his body but me. "I can do what I? Please him, I can not" I ask, my voice besides maintaining the heating, the blade cuts my fire without pain in his illusion of control. "Yes, sir ...." she whispered, "Sir ..." My finger is rising again, and again, instant silence. "Well, my daughter," I continued, "If I remove the panties you want, is it not?" And in that sentence, the building fire in my voice instantly chills the ice, and I see the reaction of her lightning "oh shit in his eyes. "Yes, sir, I will," she said, lowering his eyes and moved his hands to the waistband of his trousers, preparing to shoot them down. I'm freezing him with my voice alone. "Did you place an order, my daughter?" "I. .. I'm sorry, sir, I thought you wanted ... I'm sorry!"

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