martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

Fingers in his hair

Still you look at me, but still can not say what I can do with you. But you know what you want, even if you know it is wrong. You embarrassed to reach for the zipper and pull down to beat when it starts sometimes on the zipper teeth. The bulge in his pants is more important now free of the thick material of his trousers. You can reach through the fly finally touch my cock. It is surprising how hot it feels smooth as the degree of drying. You wonder how it can feel so stiff, but with a smooth skin on it. Hero in your little hand, it seems like a lot to you, more than you thought they could. The thought of this growing in you, in such a narrow channel between the legs and mysterious is scary. What about you men and women is not fair. I finally move, you wonder. With one hand still on his shoulder, I put my other hand on her shoulder blade, and slide it toward the front of the chair. You have no idea what I want, what I am doing, but you. Yield to my touch when I take you up to the knees Shame you so that you can find your hand still holding my cock as I explained fully to you, contact even more embarrassed if I gently your hand. She knew it was wrong to touch me there. What's wrong with you? I moved my left hand on his shoulder and quietly put it on the right cheek. You know, I can feel the burning redness of the skin. My other hand differs from the scapula, you want me to put softly, very softly, and behind the ear shook his left jaw. My hand is hot, great, of course. I start to draw your face on my cock. You not panic, not knowing what will happen. You grimace, and instinctively tried to pull away, if you do not want to offend me or bother me. But my hands are strong and pull gently, firmly on my cock was stiff away from my body through the fly of my pants. I tilt your head up, as I did. Pull me to your lips lightly brush the underside of my cock it feels smooth against your lips. It smells a little musty. You have no idea if this is the wrong thing to do, but you purse your lips and kiss the underside of my cock, just below the head. I do not disagree. You do it again. Keep your face tight, I take a little more. The head of my cock pressed against her lips. When I draw the face hard, my cock was nowhere to go but open your lips and everything. My dick slides over the tongue, a few centimeters, and takes just a little. I draw your face to me, and my cock slid a little deeper into his mouth. You can not remember how to breathe. You do not know what that means. Even on the playground, you have not heard. My two hands now. Enter your head, fingers in his hair, his hands on both sides of the jaw, cheekbones inches I began to push and pull. Your head on my dick, sometimes slide back far enough to gag you, but even then, I do not stop Until now, I grunt, deaf, guttural sound that you've never heard .

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