martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

Good girl

She spread her crotch panties to reveal her pink glistening pussy. She blushed a little clearer when Tom licked his lips at the sight. With two fingers, she spread her pussy lips and began to rub small circles. She moved slowly at first, to draw attention to her clit, then went faster, the circles around his inattention to his lips. She was breathing hard, as intensified her pleasure. Tom looked like a hungry wolf, his pants bulge more every second. Miranda eyes were closed, her head thrown back in joy. She let out a small moan, trying desperately not to alert the seller. His fingers danced on her clit and tickled pink at the right places. She picked up speed again and tried every joy ounce, which they won. It took a while, then slowed down and moved on to her pussy. She slowly inserted a finger into her wet pussy and he moved in and out. Tom had from an erection in his pants and rubbed distracted by their clothing. He was almost ready to dump her, but he wanted a little more first. She slipped another finger into her and let out a small moan. His other hand found her breast and began to play with him. She put her arm so that she could continue to go inside. Bending her fingers, she found her G-spot and focused on him. They looked as if they wanted to do was come. But she was a bad girl and did not deserve, not yet. "That's enough," said Tom, breaking his concentration. She looked at him with fire in his eyes, wild and untamed. All his shyness vanished. "Come here," said Tom, firmly laced with seduction. She stood up and walked across the small room, her hips sway as she moved. He took her hand and pulled it partially. Then he followed up his eyes and licked his fingers. It gasped as he licked and sucked her fingers away until her pussy juice all. Then he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her in for a kiss. He sent his tongue fluttering touch to his lips. She smiled into the kiss, his tongue, and then sent them to meet. He wrapped his Arms loosely around his waist, he immediately went to his pack and began to rub. She unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. They came to feel a little moan in his mouth, as it were. His tongue slid in circles, then shook his lips, then paused and gave him the full tongue licks. She took his shaft in his hand and began to rub, as they kissed. Now, Tom moaned into his mouth Miranda. She stroked up and down his cock while their tongues danced. For some time she broke the kiss and their tongues played together in the fresh air. Miranda then stepped back and knelt in front of Tom. "Good girl," joked Tom. "You're hard enough", she marveled at his cock, now all of his eight inches. She kissed him on the head as she stroked up and down its length. Then she started to lick. She lick long in full along its axis, while a hand came. Cup and rub his balls easily His breathing was deep and fast, worked in the intensity of his joy. Then she looked him in the eye, gave him a devilish grin, and without breaking eye contact, she pulled the head of his cock in her mouth and began to suck. He took a sharp breath and put his hands on the wall for support. He looked to his right and saw a beautiful view full length mirror: his mouth while stroking his cock with one hand while the other gently kneaded her bag. It was the best feeling can be achieved without an orgasm. She held for a long time - until his chin began to ache. Then again somewhat, instead of licking. A prevailing sentiment is over Tom and he moved his hands behind his head. He pulled her to him, forcing her to deep throat him. She choked as his cock hit the back of the throat, but did not try to backtrack. He pulled out of his mouth just before he reaches the point of no return.

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