martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

Eyes up, girl

His eyes flashed to me, but only for a moment. I see are the confusion and fear, just one second before his gaze reappears. I leaned into his ear and whispered: "Do not move", before walking across the room, and pick up two things. One is a pair of scissors, and the other is my whip beginners. It looks fantastic and it makes noise, but the pain factor is quite limited. I go to her and noticed that her eyes remained low all the time. It's almost in the space below now, almost to the depths. "Eyes up, girl," I bark, and his head flies, fear and anticipation flashes on her face as she takes the whip. "Oh ..." moaned "Elbows at your side, a girl, and sells," I said, my voice still further, but confident now than when I know that the resistance was crushed at the moment, and want to obey it. It quickly takes the position, and I give the whip on his hands. She looks at me, sent a clear question in his eyes, before a slight quirk of my face look like his parish ground again. I moved behind her, running my hands behind my back, pulling my nails down and hear her breathing, feeling her pain as I do. I leaned forward and whispered, "I've decided that your pants stay now my daughter ..." Before I finished my sentence, I feel the triumph of their influence, his attitude changes slightly.

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