martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

I spanking

"Well," he said. "Now get up." She followed these instructions and stood before him. "Lean your hands on the chair." She took three steps away from him, putting his hands on the seat of the chair and locked her knees. "Put up your ass," he said sternly. Tilted it. "Higher," he said again. Bring enough loud while exposing his sacristan him through her panties. "You know, if the lady would not hear on the front," he began, stroking her ass with the whole hand, "I spanking" ass until it is more pink than the panties were cute. You've earned it, right? " She gasped and shuddered. The idea that a little girl was surprisingly the power beyond belief. "Do not you think?" he said emphatically. This time, he reached a hand between her legs and slammed her pussy. She gasped, trembled and had covered her mouth to keep from screaming orgasm caused answer zoning surprised by the brutality. It hurts when he slapped her, but it was so in the moment that she could not accept the version that came. She fought her hips and her pussy muscles tighter twice. Tom grabbed her hips firmly, his upright and brought his cock through the hole in her panties on her pussy lips, touch coating itself in honey. Without hesitation, he plunged all the way in her and pulled her hips violently towards him. She screamed in pain and pleasure, especially pleasure. It was a small silent scream, but it was enough to make Tom uncomfortable. He leaned forward and grabbed her hair. "Shut up, bitch," he whispered urgently, "Do you want to worry us?" He tapped his cheek. "No," she said to say. Everything he did was perfect. Every word, every gesture, every look and he goes his only. They wanted him to come already, not because they wanted to end it, but because she loved the way he felt. He adjusted his grip on his hair, he did not collect a little more than pain, as he was. Before, but this time, grabbed a handful to control wide He pulled his head back and moved her hips while his other hand. He began thrusting, slowly and deeply. "Can you be quiet this time?" He asked in his ear, as if she were scolding a child. "Yes," she whispered. His condescending tone, strengthen its dominant role. "Make sure," he said and gave a small jerk hair before releasing. He picked up the pace, pushing deep and hard. Two of them had to work to. Moans desperately trying to remove their joy expressed Tom looked to his right and saw the mirror again. Trailer panties between Miranda and her breasts swaying to the rhythm of his thrusting. With one hand, Tom leaned forward and pulled the bra hooks and eyes on Miranda, so that they fall around her wrists. Well, when he looked in the mirror, he sees his incredible tits flop back and forth. It was a sight so exciting that he could not help but one of the beauties of C-cup and begin gently pinching and twisting her nipple slightly brown. She bit her lip to keep not to scream. He played with his chest as he rode - Press, fondling and groping, as if it's just for a toy. "You like that do you not?" Asked Tom. "Yes," she murmured, still swaying breasts over time. "What a tough life, huh?" He demanded what. Strong book on the last word before returning to its regular rhythm "Yes!" She whispered urgently. "You want me to come, right?" He asked, cock gets harder, tightening the muscles. "Oh, yes, please come, come to me, I will do it, please!" She asked, no longer included. "Dirty Girl," he said with a smile. His pace accelerates, his muscles tense and the last time they beat so far as it can go. Cum exploded from his cock deep into her in a place where he could reach, filled her with his hot cum. He shuddered as a wave caught by the joy, made more intense by the hips jerking Miranda has much pleasure as much as his body it was accumulated. For a few seconds they rocked together in joy and ecstasy disappeared he retired, so that broke out in a pile, leakage of semen on the floor through the hole in her panties. Her breasts lifted with long breaths, excited her rock hard nipples Sun Tom unzipped his pants and went to Miranda. He knelt and kissed. "Is that to feel better my bad girl?" She smiled wryly. "Yes. Thank you." "Very good. We have about beatings at home," he said with a wink. He got up and left the room without changing a word, so that. Wide-eyed and almost naked on the floor lockers

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