martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

"Is it so bad," I asked, my voice again and again that I was stroking

"Of course, I could always just spank ass," I said jokingly. She looks at me, surprised and shocked joy mingled on his face. "You mean, sir," she said firmly and pushed his fingers into my sternum. I smiled lazily at her, watching the finger, then drag my gaze up to his cheeky eyes meet, and saw his fingers twitch again as I did. I reach out and gently stroke his head, slowly my touch and gentle, sensual, I keep staring at me. "Is it so bad," I asked, my voice again and again that I was stroking. She looks at me, and I see the need, the desire in his eyes. I think the slow gentle caress, I like to draw me to her feelings start to reject the motion, as she buried her head in my shoulder, hiding her face, wrapped her legs around me. I wrap him in my arms, my fingers down her chin, lifting her head, then she looks at me. His eyes are like deep pools, shiny, anxious, vulnerable, but with a hidden reserve of strength She met my gaze fixed, but acceptingly what me. Control, but only for the moment My hand tightened in his hair and pulled his head back and held on as I capture her lips in a kiss. She moaned and turned into me some pain from my grip on his hair as his spur. I bring the kiss to end, gently releasing her hair, pushed it stays with me, his breathing. That's ok, as my own breathing not too stable for the moment anyway. I turn and walk across the room, sat on the chair, the "position of strength". As she sits and takes in my attitude, I can see, to recognize it, I did it.

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