martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012


The first three shots were easy enough to move Lucy bum whenever the cane each leaving a faint pink line landed on bare skin not covered by her panties. Mike has gradually increased the coercive power of the next three years, and so Lucy made a sixth race and it was clear they are struggling to stay in place. Mike paused and placed the cane on the bed Lucy tells her panties for the next six months to take punches. They conscientiously and slid her panties tight briefly expose her pussy to cut Mike then turned and leaned back on the bed. Mike took the cane and returned to his post. Now, with his bare ass Mike could clearly see where the first six landed and made ready for the next delivery of six years. Lucy said it was really good, but they must try to stay in position for the next six months, because it would be more difficult. Lucy nodded and arched her back impatiently pushed her ass towards Mike. And he began. True to his word, the next six shots were harder than the first six months and covers a larger area, including Lucy's thigh and check the connection between the buttocks and legs. Lucy bravely tried to say in the position and try their feet between beats stamp agreement with the pain, but by the tenth they stir half stood up and tried to rub her burning. Mike patiently returned repeatedly told him to come even more. It features 11 and 12 provided in quick succession, hard on the bottom of the bottom. Lucy screamed and jumped with both hands grabbed his burning behind. Mike told him that she was still very good, much better than older students, but they are bent needs. He suggested that it might be easier to look at the back of the chair of the dresser in the corner of the room. Lucy nodded and brushed her thongs and completed by the chair. Mike pulled the chair and asked her to remove her bra before their last six games. Lucy quickly slipped her bra and turned to the chair, leaned forward, and Mike suggested that. The seat with both hands Mike looked approvingly, as in this position, he could see her face in the mirror of the dressing table and her breasts as they came down. He spread his legs carefully, so that they were on the sides of the chair, revealing her soft lips. Mike runs his hands gently on the bottom caned Lucy, tracing the welts before it passes his fingers between her legs, feeling her moisture and makes your breath. Mike stepped back and then explained that it would be after the last six races as strong as the others, but then kiss. Lucy turned her head and looked over his shoulder told him that they are doing their best, and I look forward to the race! Mike was also very keen to kiss the girl while her breasts are not huge, they had big nipples were very erect. He also noticed that when he spread her legs on each side of the chair, she also asked Mike if very wet and she could really come in the last six races. And he started for the last time. Instead of just him for six blows as hard as he could draw Mike briefly press the cane on the buttocks several times before and whipped back in the race. He repeated this process for the first three shots with great success as Lucy sighed and Mike was out of sight in his face in the mirror that this technique was seen getting her excited. However, he wanted something the last three beats they remember. So he put the cane and chose thicker, cane out of the mud. He turned to Lucy and said grip on it, as did the last three shots and it would be very hard and very fast. Lucy buried her head in the seat of the chair and approached. Mike has delivered the last three strokes of the cane new hard drive every time uniformly distributed, the center up and down in rapid succession. Although Lucy was already marked down well with red tram on the first floor, over the past three brands embarrassing evidence sugarcane its severity. Lucy slumped in the chair, exhausted quickly after punishment as Mike stripped. Mike was more than ready to fuck this girl, his erection pushing on the front of his jeans from the first six shots. He carefully unrolled a condom on yourself before Lucy back. He grabbed her hips and pulled and pushed forward with his tail. He rebuked her hips and pulled her onto his cock, sliding easily. Instead, it can roughly Lucy to the rhythm. Lucy gently pushed under the entire length vast Mikes allow you to be completely filled before slowly getting used to push back. She used to help her hands on the chair, they gradually drift up to Mike. Soon it. Damn hard and fast, his thighs slapped together loudly, both panting and moaning Mike could see Lucy's face in the vanity mirror were her cheeks and her hair fell over her face and she looked completely disheveled. As Mike continued to push Lucy's breath was shorter and faster, before they stretched and grinds orgasm floods over them. Mike wanted to come too close to him, and he reached out, grabbed a handful of hair Lucy, pulling his head back with his bow back as he fucked her hard. It only took a few blows before Mike shot load after load of cum in the condom by an animal, such as grunts and groans with Lucy. Gradually, they both calmed and Mike retired from Lucy and carefully place the filled condom. Lucy got up from his chair and turned to ask Mike to ask him how they performed in the experiment. For a moment Mike looked confused, as about the story he tells Lucy had forgotten, but he recovered quickly saying that because it is not a controlled experiment, it n had not expired things, suggested that they try to get it again. He told her that if they want, it would need to make an "observer" all must consider that everything is done properly and for the moment had to be done. I liked despite the searing pain in his low Lucy after fucked, and the thought of someone watching the whole experience would be an extra thrill they agreed to a little ...

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