martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

But when they come off, they are off, you know?" I finished my dial tone

".... But when they come off, they are off, you know?" I finished my dial tone. She nods silently, eyes down, but his whole body reflects its conviction that it took some control. "Do not drop the whip," I whisper, as I understand suddenly busy and handle out of her hair, and the strength of his march to the chair on which I was so, lately. She gasps, and some of the tension out of his position, as I fold the chair at an angle of 45 degrees. She still holds the whip and held that position by muscle power only, but already she begins to shake. Slowly I pulled the scissors out of his pocket and shows it. His eyes lose their arrogance, because in their view, what I could do. I pushed open the scissors and a knife, I run him down the back, accompanied by his gasps and moans until he slips under the waistband of her panties. Can I use a neck scissors and cut the elastic. I repeat the process, lower the blade to push each of their thighs, do not collect small amount of juice, as I did. Before the decision, the elastic that holds his legs as well Now it's just maintains its position that her panties and I moved the scissors from her and brought it to his lips. "You have your evil juice on my scissors, girl," I said sternly. "Clean off" She did not even try to argue, thought she was in charge of the celebration, and to realize she was not drop the slide's edges in subspace. Her wet, pink tongue out and towers scissors, carefully, but long remembered, metal cleaning secretions. I threw the scissors on the floor behind me, and I take the whip out of his arms trembled concerns now turn to his lips. "Kiss". She kisses it rain feverishly, while the arms whip in the right position, and I want her mouth. After about 20 seconds, I offer the whip, and behind her back. "Enter the chair," I say, and raise the whip. She moans and leans forward, grabbed the arm of the chair, his breathing accelerated, and I swish the whip in the air, make noise, but did not even touch his skin. Then I bring the whip forward, slightly twist my arm, light strokes, almost sweet, only redness of the skin, but pants and groans him I pulled the balance. After a few minutes of this, I take a step back and give him a blow. He landed with a crack and pulls out a moan accompanied. I expect a series of ten, and give it to another. Crack Crack Crack Finally, I take another step back and let an army in full swing, the front, but my wrist weapons arrived at the end part of the reducing power of the shot. CRACK

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