martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

She brings her look up again, but this time, soft, yielding

I make it a plus sign, and ..... Scavenger hunt. It is as if all the tension of the muscles exhausted as she walks me through a sinuous, feline grace of her movements, as she crosses the room, a small smile on his lips. She keeps her eyes on me, a silent battle of dominance stuck. I smile, knowing that she wants me to work for them. This is great, I intend to work as hard. She comes and stands still, his eyes still locked on mine. I Quirk one of my eyebrows at her, a smile still on my face, I tend to arm, then on the floor. Into his eyes, I hold my pose watch as she struggles to see the obvious challenge, but she finally succumbs, falling to his knees with elegance, with a touch of fabric. Once she's on her knees, with downcast eyes, I leaned forward and said quietly, "Good girl," accompanied by a freak out. Immediately his eyes flashing fire in his eyes to me. I have some of my fire show, my eyes burned into her as I reach out and press my fingernail into his cheek and drag down, do not break the skin, but hard enough that they feel the pressure. I hear her breath hold his gaze locked on his mine, the unexpected, almost a pain, as my fingers slipped under the curve of his jaw and draw a line through the skin soft and vulnerable under her chin. When I reach to the other side, and let my fingers, she trembles again and let his eyes on my feet again. I keep my voice even as I asked, "What do I have?" She brings her look up again, but this time, soft, yielding. "You have my breasts, you have my pussy, my ass you have, you have my body, you're my mind," she says quietly, his eyes on my green liquid. I stretch and cup-shaped face, not rude, but firmly. "Do not give them to me?" I ask my self-assured voice. She takes a deep breath and nods.

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