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Bondage orgasms.

We can not think about where your hands. You curse too short, then land on the front of my thighs. But you do not dare push. My pace was slow and methodical, as if I enjoy the warm wetness of your mouth, but now my pace. You begin to feel out of place, as if you were not a person at all, but only one mouth, lips and tongue just a tool that I use on my tail. To deepen my groaning, and I prefer harder against me, my hips stationary, masturbating with her mouth. After a while, the rhythm is urgent, frantic. You do not know how long it will take, or what will happen. But then I had a frightening noise roared like a wild dog, and making no warning, after I start gushing thick thrust to pull in the back of your mouth, keep your head, so to swallow due flooding ejaculate Salt your throat. It seems to take a few minutes. Your eyes water. Your jaw hurts. Your knees hurt. After an eternity, I draw your face, panting, my cock softening and falls out of your mouth. You know what you did was wrong, but you can not help but hope that I am satisfied. You look at me a sign. I do not look at you. Instead, I pull out, pull my pants and slide on the zipper. I turn away and walk around the office back of my chair and sit down. Put my reading glasses, I have a student newspaper take a stack of them, put it on the desk in front of me, take a pen and began to read. They are confused and lost. Again, you start to cry, softly this time. You stand awkwardly and tighten the closing of the throat, and then click the button your blouse, looking down in shame. You do your best to straighten your hair, even if you do not yet mirror brush and wipe his mouth with the back of his hand. She looked at me again, but I continue my work without any acknowledgment. Turn to go to the door, opens it, and drag. With his head spinning, gently closing the door behind him and just walk down the hall. Melissa, I also know that if you think those frightful things you touch. You try to hide in the girls' room, or under the covers of your bed, but you know you can not hide your secrets to me. Yes, Melissa, I know what you think. They know it is wrong. I'm sorry for you. And I know that the wrath of the Dean of Students will be when she finds out that you are not prompted not only in English but in such a humiliation, dirty thoughts. It is not lost, Melissa. I care about you. I know you work hard and you want me to be proud of you. You will always do your best. I want to help you. You want me to help you? Would you trust me to help you? Please come to my office after school tomorrow, Melissa, and I'll do all right

Fingers in his hair

Still you look at me, but still can not say what I can do with you. But you know what you want, even if you know it is wrong. You embarrassed to reach for the zipper and pull down to beat when it starts sometimes on the zipper teeth. The bulge in his pants is more important now free of the thick material of his trousers. You can reach through the fly finally touch my cock. It is surprising how hot it feels smooth as the degree of drying. You wonder how it can feel so stiff, but with a smooth skin on it. Hero in your little hand, it seems like a lot to you, more than you thought they could. The thought of this growing in you, in such a narrow channel between the legs and mysterious is scary. What about you men and women is not fair. I finally move, you wonder. With one hand still on his shoulder, I put my other hand on her shoulder blade, and slide it toward the front of the chair. You have no idea what I want, what I am doing, but you. Yield to my touch when I take you up to the knees Shame you so that you can find your hand still holding my cock as I explained fully to you, contact even more embarrassed if I gently your hand. She knew it was wrong to touch me there. What's wrong with you? I moved my left hand on his shoulder and quietly put it on the right cheek. You know, I can feel the burning redness of the skin. My other hand differs from the scapula, you want me to put softly, very softly, and behind the ear shook his left jaw. My hand is hot, great, of course. I start to draw your face on my cock. You not panic, not knowing what will happen. You grimace, and instinctively tried to pull away, if you do not want to offend me or bother me. But my hands are strong and pull gently, firmly on my cock was stiff away from my body through the fly of my pants. I tilt your head up, as I did. Pull me to your lips lightly brush the underside of my cock it feels smooth against your lips. It smells a little musty. You have no idea if this is the wrong thing to do, but you purse your lips and kiss the underside of my cock, just below the head. I do not disagree. You do it again. Keep your face tight, I take a little more. The head of my cock pressed against her lips. When I draw the face hard, my cock was nowhere to go but open your lips and everything. My dick slides over the tongue, a few centimeters, and takes just a little. I draw your face to me, and my cock slid a little deeper into his mouth. You can not remember how to breathe. You do not know what that means. Even on the playground, you have not heard. My two hands now. Enter your head, fingers in his hair, his hands on both sides of the jaw, cheekbones inches I began to push and pull. Your head on my dick, sometimes slide back far enough to gag you, but even then, I do not stop Until now, I grunt, deaf, guttural sound that you've never heard .

They are consumed by fear

Hi, Melissa, I just filing your dissertation topic. Sorry to say, I'm sorry, it's just not good enough to pass my English class. Melissa, I also know that you have annoying thoughts. I have students, known as you. I know what kind of terrible things that go into their minds. Through the head. Idea that you are trying to dispel, but return again and again, each time more. You do not know where they come from, and you can not control. But you know they are wrong, and I also can see in your mind, and I'm very worried about you. I know you think of me. They were abstract, formless thoughts at first. Then the idea was to be a little clearer. Now they come to you with the detail and clarity that you can see, hear, smell and taste, so real that you sometimes forget that it's just your mind. Think about it, find me in my office after school. In your mind, picture, let me in, I absentmindedly behind my great mahogany desk and gestures for you to sit on the chair in front of me in the dark, glossy surface to sit. Make sure you used the rock of uniform covered thigh and pull your knees firmly. Keep your books in the chest and threw him down. "Yes?" You force yourself to look me in the eyes. They hope I can say that you tremble. They struggled to find words how the swirl in your mind makes it impossible words. I'm impatient, and you feel ashamed drive. Her cheeks hot. Tears in your eyes. Try to beat you cry, but your mouth, a dry taste, metallic, while the tears run down your face to begin with. I frowned. I know I will not be able to work again until you leave. I sighed, getting up from my chair and approach throughout the office. When I stand next to you, I put a hand on his shoulder. This small act of kindness that you know you do not deserve to take you to sob. You can not look at me. With visual impairments, hide your shoes look black patent leather and dark brown in my wingtips in part by my neck my wool trousers. Your feet look so small next to me. Finally ringing your sobbing. I propose a handkerchief from his breast pocket, and do not hesitate - it is so clean and soft embroidered with my initials. But you need to use it, now you do not have a choice. They do not know what they do with the handkerchief, and then keep it off, and we are grateful when I can. Just out of his hand and stuff it in my pocket Finally, you resolve to look at me. Your mouth opens to speak, but the power of the word you left, and you feel so stupid. You look me in the eyes, hoping for is some suspicion sure what to do. You can not read my mind, however. You do not have enough experience to understand what a man's eyes say. But something seems strange. You are aware of my big, heavy hand on his shoulder. Everything seems hyper-real. You feel a little below what you confused, ashamed you. They felt before, and you have to leave to pray for them, but it did not, and you feel more than ever. Why now? You are so ashamed. You wonder if the other girls - juniors and seniors - who know what to do. They admire and fear. You know things. You have secrets. You feel so lost and confused, you want to know what she knew. Shame deepened, how do you feel your nipples hard bumps contract. They hope that I can tell by your blouse. Then the strangest thing happened. His right hand, apparently willingly, get up slowly and touched the first button of her blouse. Why? What happened? Looking into my eyes inscrutable cancel your fingers on the first button. It's so slow. You feel as if you have even a movie. I do nothing, I say nothing. Without a sense of what I want you to do, you are bound to continue. To cancel another button, then another. It takes a few agonizing minutes to reach the final. You slowly pull open your blouse. You know I can see your bra - your first. Is it too simple? Does it look like the other girls are like bras? My expression does not change. With your left hand, slide the belt right shoulder. Then do the other side. With two trembling hands, undo the buckle between the cups of the bra. Her eyes beg you to do something, but it's so hard to say. You gently push open the throat, feeling the cool air of the room of your breasts. You never exposed to risk, although most wear. They are consumed by fear. You think your breasts look good, but if you are unsure. You do not know how heavy breasts, distinguished older girls. They are horrified that you actually want to type all my strength, that you do not open your blouse. You can imagine my disdain ask mocked me your breasts. But my face still says you do not, which is even worse. If I scream at you, slap, slap, You Sun horrible But I still stand by your side with one hand on the shoulder, you notice right away, slipped under her blouse open and relax on your bare shoulder down. Your mind is ready to slide my hand violently on your chest, you do not know why, but you feel that you will die if I do not cup your breast in my hand. You can imagine my fingers pinching the nipples, you thought so vivid that you feel a new wave of moisture between the legs. We can not say if I noticed. Can I see? Can I feel? But my hand is on your shoulder while I watch you. They prevent eyes in shame. But you can see a slight bulge in the front of my pants. You think you know what that means, but you do not know exactly because it confuses hear stories of bits whispered in the corridors of the dormitories. You can not bear to watch, so that you look directly on the pants. With some trepidation, the hand begins to reach. It affects the coarse wool, feeling the spring of my cock stiffening down. You gasp, and another wave of moisture sensation of you, even if you can not see the connection.

I spanking

"Well," he said. "Now get up." She followed these instructions and stood before him. "Lean your hands on the chair." She took three steps away from him, putting his hands on the seat of the chair and locked her knees. "Put up your ass," he said sternly. Tilted it. "Higher," he said again. Bring enough loud while exposing his sacristan him through her panties. "You know, if the lady would not hear on the front," he began, stroking her ass with the whole hand, "I spanking" ass until it is more pink than the panties were cute. You've earned it, right? " She gasped and shuddered. The idea that a little girl was surprisingly the power beyond belief. "Do not you think?" he said emphatically. This time, he reached a hand between her legs and slammed her pussy. She gasped, trembled and had covered her mouth to keep from screaming orgasm caused answer zoning surprised by the brutality. It hurts when he slapped her, but it was so in the moment that she could not accept the version that came. She fought her hips and her pussy muscles tighter twice. Tom grabbed her hips firmly, his upright and brought his cock through the hole in her panties on her pussy lips, touch coating itself in honey. Without hesitation, he plunged all the way in her and pulled her hips violently towards him. She screamed in pain and pleasure, especially pleasure. It was a small silent scream, but it was enough to make Tom uncomfortable. He leaned forward and grabbed her hair. "Shut up, bitch," he whispered urgently, "Do you want to worry us?" He tapped his cheek. "No," she said to say. Everything he did was perfect. Every word, every gesture, every look and he goes his only. They wanted him to come already, not because they wanted to end it, but because she loved the way he felt. He adjusted his grip on his hair, he did not collect a little more than pain, as he was. Before, but this time, grabbed a handful to control wide He pulled his head back and moved her hips while his other hand. He began thrusting, slowly and deeply. "Can you be quiet this time?" He asked in his ear, as if she were scolding a child. "Yes," she whispered. His condescending tone, strengthen its dominant role. "Make sure," he said and gave a small jerk hair before releasing. He picked up the pace, pushing deep and hard. Two of them had to work to. Moans desperately trying to remove their joy expressed Tom looked to his right and saw the mirror again. Trailer panties between Miranda and her breasts swaying to the rhythm of his thrusting. With one hand, Tom leaned forward and pulled the bra hooks and eyes on Miranda, so that they fall around her wrists. Well, when he looked in the mirror, he sees his incredible tits flop back and forth. It was a sight so exciting that he could not help but one of the beauties of C-cup and begin gently pinching and twisting her nipple slightly brown. She bit her lip to keep not to scream. He played with his chest as he rode - Press, fondling and groping, as if it's just for a toy. "You like that do you not?" Asked Tom. "Yes," she murmured, still swaying breasts over time. "What a tough life, huh?" He demanded what. Strong book on the last word before returning to its regular rhythm "Yes!" She whispered urgently. "You want me to come, right?" He asked, cock gets harder, tightening the muscles. "Oh, yes, please come, come to me, I will do it, please!" She asked, no longer included. "Dirty Girl," he said with a smile. His pace accelerates, his muscles tense and the last time they beat so far as it can go. Cum exploded from his cock deep into her in a place where he could reach, filled her with his hot cum. He shuddered as a wave caught by the joy, made more intense by the hips jerking Miranda has much pleasure as much as his body it was accumulated. For a few seconds they rocked together in joy and ecstasy disappeared he retired, so that broke out in a pile, leakage of semen on the floor through the hole in her panties. Her breasts lifted with long breaths, excited her rock hard nipples Sun Tom unzipped his pants and went to Miranda. He knelt and kissed. "Is that to feel better my bad girl?" She smiled wryly. "Yes. Thank you." "Very good. We have about beatings at home," he said with a wink. He got up and left the room without changing a word, so that. Wide-eyed and almost naked on the floor lockers

Good girl

She spread her crotch panties to reveal her pink glistening pussy. She blushed a little clearer when Tom licked his lips at the sight. With two fingers, she spread her pussy lips and began to rub small circles. She moved slowly at first, to draw attention to her clit, then went faster, the circles around his inattention to his lips. She was breathing hard, as intensified her pleasure. Tom looked like a hungry wolf, his pants bulge more every second. Miranda eyes were closed, her head thrown back in joy. She let out a small moan, trying desperately not to alert the seller. His fingers danced on her clit and tickled pink at the right places. She picked up speed again and tried every joy ounce, which they won. It took a while, then slowed down and moved on to her pussy. She slowly inserted a finger into her wet pussy and he moved in and out. Tom had from an erection in his pants and rubbed distracted by their clothing. He was almost ready to dump her, but he wanted a little more first. She slipped another finger into her and let out a small moan. His other hand found her breast and began to play with him. She put her arm so that she could continue to go inside. Bending her fingers, she found her G-spot and focused on him. They looked as if they wanted to do was come. But she was a bad girl and did not deserve, not yet. "That's enough," said Tom, breaking his concentration. She looked at him with fire in his eyes, wild and untamed. All his shyness vanished. "Come here," said Tom, firmly laced with seduction. She stood up and walked across the small room, her hips sway as she moved. He took her hand and pulled it partially. Then he followed up his eyes and licked his fingers. It gasped as he licked and sucked her fingers away until her pussy juice all. Then he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her in for a kiss. He sent his tongue fluttering touch to his lips. She smiled into the kiss, his tongue, and then sent them to meet. He wrapped his Arms loosely around his waist, he immediately went to his pack and began to rub. She unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. They came to feel a little moan in his mouth, as it were. His tongue slid in circles, then shook his lips, then paused and gave him the full tongue licks. She took his shaft in his hand and began to rub, as they kissed. Now, Tom moaned into his mouth Miranda. She stroked up and down his cock while their tongues danced. For some time she broke the kiss and their tongues played together in the fresh air. Miranda then stepped back and knelt in front of Tom. "Good girl," joked Tom. "You're hard enough", she marveled at his cock, now all of his eight inches. She kissed him on the head as she stroked up and down its length. Then she started to lick. She lick long in full along its axis, while a hand came. Cup and rub his balls easily His breathing was deep and fast, worked in the intensity of his joy. Then she looked him in the eye, gave him a devilish grin, and without breaking eye contact, she pulled the head of his cock in her mouth and began to suck. He took a sharp breath and put his hands on the wall for support. He looked to his right and saw a beautiful view full length mirror: his mouth while stroking his cock with one hand while the other gently kneaded her bag. It was the best feeling can be achieved without an orgasm. She held for a long time - until his chin began to ache. Then again somewhat, instead of licking. A prevailing sentiment is over Tom and he moved his hands behind his head. He pulled her to him, forcing her to deep throat him. She choked as his cock hit the back of the throat, but did not try to backtrack. He pulled out of his mouth just before he reaches the point of no return.

If you are so excited, rubbing her pussy

"What do you mean?" Miranda asked lovingly, seen with a pink lingerie set for her friend. "I think it will not be with you for a long time, baby," replied Tom. He had proposed a smile on his face, he fantasizes. "I'll try, K?" she said happily as she walked to the locker room. The whole thing was a pink push-up bra. Seams with black lace around the edges, with matching panties, who missed a large patch of fabric It was a small gold heart locket dangling between the bra cups, and a smaller waist centered on the front of his underwear. Tom thought it was perfect with Miranda Gold sandy blond hair, which she wore in a straight line to just below his collarbone. Tom Miranda was greater than about four inches, was a solid six feet. He had broad shoulders and tightness in the chest. Her hair was naturally jet black, about four inches long and shaggy. He had closely cropped beard, which added an element of age on her face. Miranda liked it, so he never shaved. The lingerie store was busy today with two clients each employee. Tom casually searched the business for a while, trying to stay away. He played tired on the phone for a while, but soon the wait. He decided to check Miranda. He went to the locker room, he saw her enter and opened the door. In a flash, he saw Miranda open your eyes, breath and pull his hand between her legs. She jumped up from his chair and tried to close the door, but he forced his way inside and closed the door behind him. "You were masturbating!" Tom said in a whispered cry, "what?" She looked embarrassed, but not what she had done. Instead, they looked ashamed that she had been hit. "I thought I looked really sexy in this area. I began to think about tonight when I wear it for you. It made me so I just ..." She kept hold when, in removing the bra fit his clothes began. The truth was that Tom thought it was an exciting idea, and yes, she looked very sexy. "No," he said, raising his hand to stop him. He redid the bra. "Next. Would I like to see." Her eyes widened suddenly, and she was confident and provocative. "What?" She managed to misfire. "You got me. If you are so excited, rubbing her pussy. I feel that you watch play with them." He gestured to the chair in the corner, as he leaned against the wall. "I do not know," she said with a whiny tone. Wanted to keep it, they just did not do what he said. Idea, observed makes his rounds on a field. "Yes, you are," Tom shot back manipulative. "Because if you do not, you will not get those panties, and you do not get anything when you get home tonight." She crossed her arms and pouted. If not faze done Tom, she gave them blushed, lowered his head and went to sit on the chair. Tom stood up to him to remember who was responsible. She sat down, slowly opened her legs and began to move his hand down. Then stopped and asked one last time: "I really do this?" "Do it," he said emphatically, very excited to be there.


The first three shots were easy enough to move Lucy bum whenever the cane each leaving a faint pink line landed on bare skin not covered by her panties. Mike has gradually increased the coercive power of the next three years, and so Lucy made a sixth race and it was clear they are struggling to stay in place. Mike paused and placed the cane on the bed Lucy tells her panties for the next six months to take punches. They conscientiously and slid her panties tight briefly expose her pussy to cut Mike then turned and leaned back on the bed. Mike took the cane and returned to his post. Now, with his bare ass Mike could clearly see where the first six landed and made ready for the next delivery of six years. Lucy said it was really good, but they must try to stay in position for the next six months, because it would be more difficult. Lucy nodded and arched her back impatiently pushed her ass towards Mike. And he began. True to his word, the next six shots were harder than the first six months and covers a larger area, including Lucy's thigh and check the connection between the buttocks and legs. Lucy bravely tried to say in the position and try their feet between beats stamp agreement with the pain, but by the tenth they stir half stood up and tried to rub her burning. Mike patiently returned repeatedly told him to come even more. It features 11 and 12 provided in quick succession, hard on the bottom of the bottom. Lucy screamed and jumped with both hands grabbed his burning behind. Mike told him that she was still very good, much better than older students, but they are bent needs. He suggested that it might be easier to look at the back of the chair of the dresser in the corner of the room. Lucy nodded and brushed her thongs and completed by the chair. Mike pulled the chair and asked her to remove her bra before their last six games. Lucy quickly slipped her bra and turned to the chair, leaned forward, and Mike suggested that. The seat with both hands Mike looked approvingly, as in this position, he could see her face in the mirror of the dressing table and her breasts as they came down. He spread his legs carefully, so that they were on the sides of the chair, revealing her soft lips. Mike runs his hands gently on the bottom caned Lucy, tracing the welts before it passes his fingers between her legs, feeling her moisture and makes your breath. Mike stepped back and then explained that it would be after the last six races as strong as the others, but then kiss. Lucy turned her head and looked over his shoulder told him that they are doing their best, and I look forward to the race! Mike was also very keen to kiss the girl while her breasts are not huge, they had big nipples were very erect. He also noticed that when he spread her legs on each side of the chair, she also asked Mike if very wet and she could really come in the last six races. And he started for the last time. Instead of just him for six blows as hard as he could draw Mike briefly press the cane on the buttocks several times before and whipped back in the race. He repeated this process for the first three shots with great success as Lucy sighed and Mike was out of sight in his face in the mirror that this technique was seen getting her excited. However, he wanted something the last three beats they remember. So he put the cane and chose thicker, cane out of the mud. He turned to Lucy and said grip on it, as did the last three shots and it would be very hard and very fast. Lucy buried her head in the seat of the chair and approached. Mike has delivered the last three strokes of the cane new hard drive every time uniformly distributed, the center up and down in rapid succession. Although Lucy was already marked down well with red tram on the first floor, over the past three brands embarrassing evidence sugarcane its severity. Lucy slumped in the chair, exhausted quickly after punishment as Mike stripped. Mike was more than ready to fuck this girl, his erection pushing on the front of his jeans from the first six shots. He carefully unrolled a condom on yourself before Lucy back. He grabbed her hips and pulled and pushed forward with his tail. He rebuked her hips and pulled her onto his cock, sliding easily. Instead, it can roughly Lucy to the rhythm. Lucy gently pushed under the entire length vast Mikes allow you to be completely filled before slowly getting used to push back. She used to help her hands on the chair, they gradually drift up to Mike. Soon it. Damn hard and fast, his thighs slapped together loudly, both panting and moaning Mike could see Lucy's face in the vanity mirror were her cheeks and her hair fell over her face and she looked completely disheveled. As Mike continued to push Lucy's breath was shorter and faster, before they stretched and grinds orgasm floods over them. Mike wanted to come too close to him, and he reached out, grabbed a handful of hair Lucy, pulling his head back with his bow back as he fucked her hard. It only took a few blows before Mike shot load after load of cum in the condom by an animal, such as grunts and groans with Lucy. Gradually, they both calmed and Mike retired from Lucy and carefully place the filled condom. Lucy got up from his chair and turned to ask Mike to ask him how they performed in the experiment. For a moment Mike looked confused, as about the story he tells Lucy had forgotten, but he recovered quickly saying that because it is not a controlled experiment, it n had not expired things, suggested that they try to get it again. He told her that if they want, it would need to make an "observer" all must consider that everything is done properly and for the moment had to be done. I liked despite the searing pain in his low Lucy after fucked, and the thought of someone watching the whole experience would be an extra thrill they agreed to a little ...